About Bear Coast Beach Volleyball Club…

Katie Kahlweiss and Kinsey Ross founded Bear Coast Beach Volleyball Club in April of 2013. After years of coaching indoor club, they knew they were ready to take on something different and exciting in the volleyball world. Since the United States had been very successful in the last three Olympics competing in beach volleyball and now that girls can earn full collegiate scholarships for beach volleyball, they knew the youth of Orange County would want to learn how to play. So drawing upon their volleyball experiences and passion for the game, Katie and Kinsey collaborated and created Bear Coast Beach Volleyball Club.

Bear Coast is a competitive beach volleyball club for girls and boys from the ages of 8 to 19 located in Huntington Beach at the intersection of PCH and Brookhurst Street. The goal of Bear Coast is to teach athletes proper technique, skills, strategies, and compete in the game of beach volleyball. Bear Coast also guides its players on how to register for tournaments, gives information about local and national tournaments, and teaches how to properly officiate beach volleyball matches. Bear Coast not only wants to teach players about beach volleyball, but instruct players on responsibility, discipline, sportsmanship, and living a healthy lifestyle.

Bear Coast coaching staff is comprised of passionate and talented individuals who all followed their dreams to play volleyball in college. The coaches aspire to inspire all their athletes to work hard on and off the court to become successful athletes and productive young adults.

Beach Volleyball… How is it different from Indoor Volleyball?

  • Players have more freedom to decide which tournaments they would like to play in and who they would like to play with in the tournament.
  • Players can pick their partners.
  • Players only have the same partner for one full tournament day, then if you would like to play together again you can.
    (*EXCEPTION: if you qualify for a specific tournament, you may have to play with that partner again for another tournament later)
  • There are no substitutions in beach volleyball, you must play the whole game! Battling for playing time does not exist in beach volleyball.
  • Coaches are only allowed to coach before and after games and during a timeout.
  • Girls have to referee the other teams games in their pool, official refs are only present at large national tournaments.

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